"We Spoke": The 14th Annual Silver Room Block Party!


This past Saturday I attended the 14th annual Silver Room Block Party.  The Silver Room, located in Chicago’s Hyde Park Neighborhood is a store founded in 1997 that embodies Art, Culture and Community. They were previously located in Chicago’s Wicker Park Neighborhood.  They sell eclectic jewelry, fashion, art and music and they are huge supporters of independent and local artisans.    Each year, founder, Eric Williams and his team, transforms 53rd street into a block party complete with live music, art exhibits, food, drinks and plenty of vendors.  Party goers lined the streets with their picnic chairs or sat at their favorite restaurants to enjoy the day long festivities.   4 outdoor stages, 8 neighborhood instore locations and over 100 performances of music and visual artists equals a day full of love, peace, music and culture at its finest.

An annual favorite of many in the Chicago House Scene, there were plenty of sound selectors located throughout the block party at various locations.  The day was filled with eclectic music from gospel, rap, rock, neo soul and of course, House Music.  The Block Party is a reunion of sorts and you are guaranteed to run into friends as you walk around and enjoy the music and sights.  The peaceful crowd of over 15,000 gathered and it truly was a celebration of culture. The theme of this year’s event was, WE SPEAK.  Founder, Eric Williams said, “We know that music can unite us all. We know what the power of togetherness feels like. Coming together for a day of love is the best way we know to speak to the truth about who Chicago Really is”.  I couldn’t agree with him more. 


In a time when Chicago is always in the news for something negative, it’s a shame more media coverage wasn’t devoted to this event.   Black and brown people loving on one another, enjoying a beautiful summer day with their friends and families is something to be celebrated and supported! Shout out the business in the Hyde Park community who felt the same and supported The Silver Room.  As the block party has grown so have their expenses. As a result, the Silver Room has a GoFundMe to help with rising costs. I encourage you each to donate to this amazing event!

July is such a wonderful month in Chicago.  In this day and time, we have to support business and people who give us moments like this, moments to get out and see how beautiful our city is and; Safe spaces to bring our children and families to.  It’s an event that I happily bring my children to so they can experience the music and culture I love so much.  As I walked around 53rd street to visit some of my favorite DJs and listen to them spin, I was in awe at the sheer joy I witnessed from attendees.  It was a love fest with music as the soundtrack.  A perfect Chicago Summer Day.

Support this incredible business!  www.thesilverroom.com

To donate to the Silver Room Block party (https://www.gofundme/tsrblockparty)

Until next time,

See you on a dance floor!

Black Widow