Weekend Wrap-Up: "Flirt & Flow" and The Hyde Park Brew Fest!

Weekend Wrap-Up:  "Flirt & Flow" and The Hyde Park Brew Fest!

This past weekend was full of musical artistry at its finest.  Friday I headed to Room 2 for “Flirt & Flow”, the latest project by artist, Russoul.  Flirt & Flow is a new experience that puts the focus on the artist.  In his own words, Russoul wanted an experience that allowed him to introduce artists he loves, admires and respects.   Russoul encourages fellow artists to come out and see what this new experience is all about.  Joining him in this new venture are singers, Jon Pierce and Sheree Hicks.   Both of these amazing artists are similar in their ability to pour their hearts out on the stage and connect with their audiences. They have shared their gifts and in their performances we dance to the words they bring to life. I’m looking forward to the continued evolution of this event.  An event to celebrate artists and their gifts is much needed in Chicago.

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