"Love is in the Details" (A Birthday Celebration for Mike Dunn)

Chosen Few DJ, Producer, and Guest of Honor, Mike Dunn!!!

Chosen Few DJ, Producer, and Guest of Honor, Mike Dunn!!!

The location was Bassline, a club in South Loop.  The second floor was a beautiful hybrid of different styles; exposed Brick, hardwood floors, modern crystal chandeliers, art deco windows, gothic sconces, dark velvet curtains, old world styled sofa’s and chaise lounges, and a modern bar with glass and mirrored shelves, trimmed in wood.  It was a beautiful mix of different architectural styles.  It was a space that felt welcoming, inviting and just right for a celebration.   Bassline was beautifully decorated for the night with silver balloons with the initials, “MD” anchoring the space.  An exclusive VIP area for the guest of honor was beautifully decorated with cupcakes with fondant records as decoration.  A table decorated with delicious looking food platters and a beautiful cake in the shape of Mike’s first album release served as the centerpiece.   Shiny black gift bags decorated with the labels of Mike Dunn’s records on each table, and a beautiful gift for everyone to see, was a framed photo collage of Mike Dunn’s biggest hits.  Love was truly in the details.

Song: Dance to the Rhythm, Mike Dunn

Photos: Tracey Love of Vision of Love photography

Chicago House Heads gathered to celebrate one of their own, DJ Mike Dunn.  Mike Dunn is a Chicago born DJ hailing from Englewood and producer who is beloved by the Chicago House community and beyond. He is a busy man with many endeavors.  In addition to producing and creating new music, His weekly residency with DJ Tony T, “We R Tuesday” nights at Reynolds is one of the longest running house parties in the city and is packed every Tuesday night with fans who have followed his 20+ year career.  (for more on We R Tuesday Nights, click here).  He also co-hosts, the “Friday Night Dance Party” on Soul 106.3 with DJ Lil John and when he isn’t home in the studio, playing in clubs or on the radio, Mike is traveling across the world, representing the Chicago House Scene with integrity. 

Like many, Mike started DJing at block parties then progressed to clubs and events around the city.  He has created and produced a string of hits and house classics such as, “Dance You Mutha,” “So Let It Be Houze!”, “Pressure Cooker” “Life Goes On,” “Magic Feet,” “God Made Me Phunky” and “Phreaky MF.”   Currently, Mike has his production company, BlackBall Muzik and is regularly releasing new music that consistently rises to the top of the charts.  He has worked with house legends such as Bam, Tyree Cooper, Marshall Jefferson, Armando, and others. His discography is extensive with his most recent releases featuring Mya and R-Kelly.  He became a member of the Chosen Few DJ’s in 2012 and most recently, Mike teamed up with longtime friend and fellow Chosen Few DJ, Terry Hunter, to form “House N HD,” a joint venture currently producing and creating new music with an upcoming tour coming soon.

Patrons lined down the street early to get inside as Mike is a staple in the Chicago House scene and they were eager to start festivities.  The crowd came ready to dance and celebrate.  The atmosphere was high energy.   Longtime fans, friends, family and Chicago DJ’s all poured into Bassline dancing, laughing, drinking and showing love to the guest of honor.   The DJ lineup for this celebration was the perfect combination.  Dee Jay Alicia, opened the evening in her signature strong but feminine style with a set full of new music, followed by DJ Chris Underwood who played an up-tempo set with the classics that Chicago House people love. Chosen Few DJ, Terry Hunter was up next giving the crowd his signature soulful sound.   The evening closed with the guest of honor, Mike Dunn, giving the crowd what they came for, a set full of powerful, dynamic tracks beautifully blended and woven together.  His set  took dancers already dancing in musical heaven to the next stage of house related euphoria.  Each DJ ushered the crowd to the next level of bliss, culminating with a full House-gasm courtesy of Mike Dunn.  It was hours of non-stop good house music that took the patrons on a journey through Mike Dunn’s incredible career and the music he loves.   Each DJ played from the heart, and their sets reflected the love and respect they each have for Mike Dunn.

It was a room full of love.  Love was in the details, the decorations, the sets played by each DJ, in the faces and hearts of every fan, friend and family member who came out on a Saturday night to celebrate a man who has a heart of gold, a passion for music and his fans.    Mike Dunn’s Birthday Celebration was an event to honor and celebrate one of our “hometown” faves! I hope he felt the love in the atmosphere because I most certainly did. What an honor to be so loved by the house community you serve!

Happy Birthday Mike Dunn!!!

Until next time…see you on a Dance Floor! 



Black Widow

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