Chosen Few Festival 2017

The Chosen Few Festival is two weeks away and my friends and I are already planning for two days filled with music and fun. It's not just a festival, it's really a huge family reunion for house music lovers!!  Over the next two weeks, I'll be sharing some of my favorite tips, tricks and helpful hints for navigating the festival. Today's post is for the people I call my "1st Responders". These are the ones who are the first in line and the ones who set tents up throughout the park for most of their friends to enjoy!!!  My friend and I host a tent at the picnic each year.   Hosting a tent at the picnic is a great way to have a central spot for you and your friends to hang out in between dancing and socializing.  The key to a dope tent set up is planning and teamwork!   The perfect tent should have the following items!


A Tent (at least 10x10): You got to have enough space to fit your party and your stuff!

Tables for food: We use the portable table’s 6' outdoor tables! 1-2 of those usually holds our food and containers.

Grill and grill tools if you are preparing food:  Don't forget charcoal, lighter fluid and a lighter!


Tables for guests to chill and rest plates and drinks: I love the portable camping tables or the portable tables from Amazon. You can roll them up just like you would your picnic chairs.

Food service equipment:  Chaffing Dishes, Sternos to keep food warm, flatware, cups, napkins, serving spoons.

Prep Tools and Cleaning supplies: I HIGHLY suggest prepping food before the picnic! It makes it easier to transport and set up.   Bring plenty of Lysol wipes, paper towels, foil, cling wrap and hand sanitizer as well!

Drink dispensers:  The tent is the perfect spot to create your signature drink for your guest.  You should have a dispenser large enough to serve and easy to refill throughout the day!

Coolers with plenty of ice:  I always ask our guests to bring a bag of ice!  You will need it throughout the day for drinks and to keep certain foods cold!

Bug repellant: Mosquitos are the devil and they love to hang around the grassy picnic area. Have plenty of repellant spray, candles, etc. to keep them away!

Picnic Chairs:  You gotta have a seat in between all of the dancing you will do during the day!!!  The portable chairs are best because they are easy to carry and transport!


Now that you have the essentials, you are going to need a way to get it into the park!  You need equipment!

  • Utility Cart: My utility cart is a lifesaver!!! It holds so much and makes it easy to travel with. It's compact and folds up so it doesn't take up a lot of space in the tent. When you are lugging all your stuff into the picnic area, it definitely helps and doesn't put a lot of strain on your body. I can usually fit my tents, décor, chairs and extras in my cart!

  • Dolly: This is helpful if you have tables or a grill or larger coolers.  You can stack them on top of one another and wheel your stuff in. 

  • Cables: These are great for the dolly. Make sure you don't have your stuff falling over by securing them with cables.

  • Large Tote Bags:  I use these to hold decorative items, food service equipment, etc. 

  • People:  You need a set-up team depending on how much stuff you are bringing. Get a group of friends to help bring stuff inside tent area.  It helps to have people who will assist in the setup. It makes for a less stressful morning!


    Those are the basics but the real fun is in customizing your tent and making it unique.  My friends and I do a theme each year to keep it fun and interesting.  Get creative if you like, you are going to be in this space for 8+hours, make it comfortable and enjoyable!


Balloons:  Many people use balloons as "markers" to let their friends know where they are located.  For those who are coming later, it is extremely helpful to have something your friends can see to help find you!

Tablecloths:  Keep your tables easy to clean with plastic tablecloths.  I use plastic ones on my tables that hold food. I get more decorative with the "seating area". 

Candles: These are great as the sun sets; it gives your tent a special ambiance and helps when you are packing up!

Hanging Décor:  I love hanging pom-poms, memorabilia or even a chandelier (yes I had one) in my tent! It sets the tent apart and creates a fun atmosphere for your guests!

Centerpieces: You can get creative with this one! From special food trays, a floral arrangement or just some confetti! Dress up your table and take it from plain to fun!

Cute seating area:  This is my favorite part of my tent.  It's where we gather to laugh, joke, dance, and chat. I tend to decorate the seating area differently each year. It's easy and affordable to do. You can just add colorful tablecloths, your centerpieces and you have an instant "chill" area for your friends!


I got you covered for this year’s Chosen Few Festival!!! Stay tuned to the blog for Pt. 2 next week when we chat with Chosen Few DJ, Alan King about what to expect at this year’s Chosen Few Festival and for a free guide to all of the pre and post festival parties.  As always, check out the Chosen Few's website for tickets and more detailed information. (

Do you have tips for people who are hosting a tent at the Chosen Few? If you are a host, what are some tips you’d like to share about hosting at the picnic!  I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!!!

As always,

See ya on a dance floor and at the festival!!!!!

Black Widow