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Hey House People!!!!

Today is my One Year BLOGAVERSARY!!!

That’s right, one year ago today, I launched Black Widow’s Web! Check out my very first post HERE!   I launched this website initially to promote my music and other projects.  As time progressed, my thoughts shifted.  Chicago is home to a thriving house music scene.  We are fortunate to be the birthplace of this incredible genre of music we call house. I started thinking about all the amazing DJs, artists, producers, music and parties in our city and noticed there wasn’t a space for our stories to be told.  It’s so important to tell the story of our culture and to preserve it in some way for future generations, sharing our experiences and the wealth that is the Chicago House Scene.  I wanted to document my experience as a lover of house music and as a house music recording artist.  This website would be my contribution to sharing that rich story.

I never imagined this website would be where it is today and that I would find so much joy in sharing these experiences with all of you.  In addition to recapping Chicago House Events, I’ve been fortunate to interview DJs, Producers, and artists that positively contribute to this scene and continue to make our city shine.   Thank you to every artist that took time to chat with me for these interviews.  This website would be nothing without the individuals who read and share my posts, my subscribers, and social media followers! You guys rock!   It is because of you that this website has tripled its subscribers, and doubled its views!  Every time you share, subscribe or tell a friend, you help spread the news that the Chicago House Music Scene is thriving and doing big things and you help me to grow!!!!    I’m growing because of you and I cannot thank you enough for your continued support, encouragement, well wishes, and suggestions.  My desire is to continue to build a community of house music lovers, rooted in unity, sharing information and uplifting our city and the artists that pour into our musical ecosystem. 


The past year was new for me so it was about learning, growing and creating content that I wanted to share.  This year I am equipped with more knowledge and a clear idea of what I want this site to become.  I plan to continue covering house music events, expanding to other sides of the city and exploring the different facets of this music scene.  I am looking forward to more in depth interviews with Chicago talent and will begin regular music reviews of new music coming out of Chicago!  I also plan to hit the road and cover a few out of town events, because Chicago house music is everywhere!  As an artist, I’m currently working on new music and hope to share my latest release with you soon. I’m also finishing up my first book and cannot wait for its release.  It has been a busy, productive and creative year!  

And my final announcement, my online store goes live at the end of the month!!! *CUE AIR HORNS*

That's right, I'm launching a store full of merchandise and gear for House Music Lovers.  I am releasing three collections; The Black Widow Signature Collection, The Artist Collection and the Music Lover Collection. Each collection will have plenty of items to show your love for house music and our culture!  I'm so excited about this launch!   And to celebrate my anniversary...

I"m giving away one item from my store each week for a month...BUT ONLY TO MY SUBSCRIBERS!

If you want to be included in this giveaway, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter TODAY!!!  All winners will be contacted by email.  Once the store launches my subscribers will get an early sneak peak and 50% off their first purchase!!!  This first year exceeded my expectations and I’m truly grateful and humbled by the love and support.  To watch an idea come to fruition and watch it grow has been nothing short of amazing for me.  

I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for Black Widow and Black Widow’s Web!


With Love and Gratitude,

Black Widow