11.20.17 The Weekend Wrap-Up: A Weekend Full of Incredible Talent, Music and Events!

What an action-packed weekend full of music! My weekend started Friday at Bassline for a birthday celebration for Chicago DJ, Jozana. Hosted by Arise Radio and Universal Dance Music, the evening was a celebration of life through music.  The Scorpio birthday bash featured DJs Tobi G, Jozana and Fiddy Millz who were the perfect team delivering sonically pleasing and soulful grooves all night long.  In addition to the great music, singers Carla Prather and Dawn Tallman brought the house down with live soul-stirring performances that left me with chills and even tears in some moments.    The night was filled with music that lifted my spirits.  Saturday, I joined fellow poets for the  Erotique Noire event.  Presented by Creative Soul Entertainment/Unleash Your Inhibitions and hosted by Discopoet Khari B, Erotique Noire is an erotic themed event featuring poetry, fashion, and dance.  Held at Room 24, we performed to a packed house.  Poets shared stories of love, relationships, and sex to an audience filled with singles and couples who enjoyed an evening of romantic inspiration.   After my show, I headed to the House Music Club Reunion.  This party, promoted by T.G.F.H. and The Way We Were, featured DJs Ron Carroll and Chosen Few DJs, Andre Hatchett and Terry Hunter.  The evening was a night celebrating the sounds that shaped the Chicago House Scene.   Each DJ took the crowd on a journey through the history of house music through sound seamlessly blending the old with the new. 


It is weekends like this where I’m reminded how incredibly fortunate I am to be from and live in Chicago. House music is alive and thriving here and it is home to some of the most talented artists, DJs, and producers.  It was another incredible weekend in house music in Chicago.  This week is no different; the holiday weekend has some incredible events in store. Check them out on the “Dance Floor”.

Until next time, see ya on a Dance Floor,

Black Widow