Chicago Spotlight: The Love & Lust Live DJs

Chicago Spotlight:  The Love & Lust Live DJs

Dee Jay Alicia decided to bring her mixes to life and called some of the best DJs known for their soulful and sexy style to serve as the musical conductors for the evening, D’Vine One DJs, Mz. Nicky D’Vine and Kris “Jus” Denson and Arise Radio and Rhythm Factory’s own, Steve Maxwell, each handpicked by Dee Jay Alicia because of the passion and emotion they express through their music.   Together, they set the tone for a love filled evening full of sensual sounds. 

The event was so successful they decided to do it again.  I recently joined them for an evening of laughter, music and cocktails to talk to them about this event and their incredible musical chemistry.

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