Chicago Spotlight: 5 Questions with Chosen Few DJ, Alan King (Chosen Few Festival Series Finale)


 Known as a “lawyer by day, DJ by night”, Alan King is a Chicago House Music DJ and one of the members of The Chosen Few DJs. Active in the Chicago House Music Scene for over 30 years; he has worked with some of the giants in this scene while carving out his own place in house history.   Alan plays at clubs and events around the country and overseas, including Chicago’s SummerDance Festival, the House of Blues, The Shrine, Da House Spot; New York’s Sullivan Room, Tambor Party in Atlanta; Winter Music Conference in Miami; and the Amsterdam Dance Event and more. He currently has a residency in Chicago at Chant Restaurant and Bassline.  I jokingly refer to him as the “Clark Kent” of the Chicago House music scene.  He brilliantly balances his job as a lawyer and DJ and excels at both.  I recently had an opportunity to pose Alan with 5 questions about this year’s Chosen Few Festival, the changes to the festival, the lessons learned and what festival goers can expect for the 2017 event.

5 Questions with Alan King

Black Widow:  Was it a conscious decision to include more Chicago based talent this year? If so, why?

Alan King:  It was a conscious decision, and it’s always a difficult balance.  We, of course, always want to feature our very talented Chicago DJs and performers, but as the event has grown into more of a national and even international destination, we have to be mindful of presenting non-Chicago talent who are draws as well.  We perhaps swung too far over to non-Chicago over the last couple of years, so we did make a conscious effort to bring it back home for 2017.  However, we do have a special non-Chicago surprise performer planned for Sunday!


Black Widow:  What makes the Chosen Few Festival so special? (For those who may not have attended previously)

Alan King:  I think different people might have different answers to that question, but personally I think it’s a combination of things, including the “family reunion” vibe that we’ve managed to hold onto despite the growth of the event, the fact that you can bring your food and liquor and tent and set up for the day in a safe, peaceful, family atmosphere, and that you get some 12 hours of authentic house music from some of the best DJs and performers from Chicago and around the world.  While there are still some people who complain about our modest prices, we know that it’s the best festival bargain you’ll find anywhere.

Black Widow: What can we expect this year at the festival? New vendors, experiences etc.?

Click here to purchase your tickets to the 2017 Chosen Few Festival!

Click here to purchase your tickets to the 2017 Chosen Few Festival!

Alan King:  The main difference this year is that after experimenting last year on our new 2nd day that was broader than just house music, on Sunday this year we’re going back to what we know and do best—house music all day long!  So Saturday and Sunday this year will be exactly the same, so on Sunday you can also bring in your tents, grills, etc.  In addition, after another one year experiment with a “cashless” event, we are going back to accepting cash and credit at the gates and food, beverage and merchandise vendors.   

Black Widow:  What do you love about being a DJ from Chicago? What does the festival mean to you personally?

Alan King:  I’m very proud to be a DJ from Chicago.  Not only is Chicago the true mecca of house music, but as a collective I believe Chicago has the best house music DJs in the world.  For all of us in the Chosen Few who were there from the beginning, this festival is our baby.  We’ve watched it grow and develop, and we’ve tried to offer just the right support and guidance to make it what we believe it is today—a world class music festival.  We didn’t set out to create an event of this magnitude, but we are very proud of the fact that we stepped up and met the challenge when hundreds of attendees became thousands and then tens of thousands.

Black Widow:   What have the Chosen Few learned from previous festivals and what changes have you made as a result?

Alan King:  We learn something every year, and we’re always open to making changes to make the event better, regardless of cost.  However, we know that no matter what we do, we will never please everyone.  There were some long lines for a couple of hours on Saturday last year, which were the result of issues relating to the use of RFID wristbands.  We have eliminated the RFID bands, and don’t anticipate any unusually long lines this year.   


The Chosen Few Festival is July 1-2nd at Jackson Park. Tickets are still available online.  This year's lineup is absolutely bananas and The Chosen Few have a few surprises in store!!! You don't want to miss this event!

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See you on a dance floor and at the Festival!

Black Widow

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